Agastache rupestris

Agastache rupestris
Licorice Mint, Sunset Hyssop

Agastache rupestris, Licorice Mint, or Sunset Hyssop, is an erect perennial with suffrutescent stems and exfoliating bark. The leaves are lanceolate-linear and the corolla is several toothed or lacinate and its calyx is more than 4mm in length. The foliage is also extremely ornamental and fragrant with the thread-like gray-green leaves giving the entire plant a very soft, wispy look. The fragrance of this plant is wonderful; plant it where you will brush against it when you walk by. This plant likes a lean, well drained soil with plenty of summer heat. Keep an eye out for the hummingbirds when this plant is in bloom. Its nectar-rich flowers are unsurpassed in bringing them into your garden. The blooming period for this zone 5-9 specie is from mid-summer - fall and at maturity this plant will reach a height of 18"-36" (45-90cm) and a width of 18" (45cm). Its natural range is from southeastern New Mexico to central and south-central Arizona and northern Chihuahua, Mexico.

Agastache aurantiaca Cultivars & Hybrids

Agastache rupestris 'Sunset', also known as Hummingbird Mint or Sunset Licorice, is an erect perennial with spikes of orange and lavender flowers from mid-summer till first frost. They will reach a height of 18"-24" (45-60cm) when planted in moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Hummingbirds love this licorice scented, drought and heat tolerant perennial. It will add a delicate texture to any perennial border and container planting.

Agastache rupestris 'Desert Sunrise' is a hybrid hummingbird mint which will attain a height of 40"-48" and a height of 24". Imagine a clear sky with a line of low clouds on the horizon, tinted with shades of orange, pink and lavender by the rising sun and you will have imagined the color of 'Desert Sunrise' flowers. Desert Sunrise is a cross between the two best southwestern species of the genus: Agastache rupestris and Agastache cana. This new perennial introduction is a sturdy, vigorus grower that blooms non-stop from mid-summer through fall. The flower spikes are quite large and both the foliage and flowers are delightfully fragrant. Desert Sunrise is xeric like Agastache rupestris, but like A. cana, it adapts well to regular garden conditions with better soils and more plentiful water. Best of all Desert Sunrise is a rich nectar source that is very popular with the hummingbirds in zones 5-10.

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