Agastache rugosa

Agastache rugosa
Wrinkled Giant Hyssop, Korean Mint, Huo Xiang

Agastache rugosa is an erect perennial with aromatic, ovate toothed leaves 2.5"-3" (6-8cm) in length with a hairy white underside. It bears violet to pinkish purple flowers on short spikes 2"-4" (5-10cm) long from mid-summer to autumn. This species is native to China and Japan and prefers moderately fertile, well drained soil, with full sun to part shade. Under these conditions, it will attain a height of 4' (1.2m) and a width of 18" (45cm). This specie is hardy in USDA Zones 7-11 and will make a great background in a perennial border. It can also be used as a cut flower, or dried flower. It is often used in traditional medicine in the Far East for the treatment of fevers and digestive tract disorders to name a few. Recent research has shown that it does in fact contain chemical compounds which show promise as a pharmaceutical drug which is effective in the treatment of HIV-1.

Agastache aurantiaca Cultivars & Hybrids

* NOTE:Many of the cultivars and hybrids involving A. rugosa involve crosses with earlier species. Those cultivars and hybrids will be so noted to avoid duplication and confusion. There are also a number of cultivars and hybrids for which we have no picture or descriptions available at this time. Those instances will also be noted, though changes will be made as material matures and blooms so as to make these photos possible.

Agastache rugosa 'Korean Zest' A clumping aromatic perennial with outspreading stems, forming a hummock of ovate toothed leaves which emerge with a purple tinge, and bearing erect spikes of purple-blue flowers from June to September. It requires full sun or part shade and well drained soil.

'Licorice White'
'Licorice Blue'

Agastache 'Blue Fortune'(See A. foeniculum)
Agastache 'Alabaster'(See A. foeniculum)
Agastache 'Canada'(No Photo)