Agastache nepetoides

Agastache nepetoides
Giant Yellow Hyssop

Agastache nepetoides is a perennial with tall branching stems, opposite, petiolate, glabrous, toothed leaves to 15cm. in length and 10cm. in width. It bears spikes whith whorls of white-yellow flowers from July-September. It will grow to about 6' at maturity, and like other species of Agastache, it prefers a moderately fertile, well drained soil and full sun. A. nepetoides, also known by its synonym Hyssopus nepetoides, can be found growing in open woods, thickets, areas of moist soil and railroads throughout North America, Quebec, and Ontario. It would be a great addition as a background plant in a perennial border, and is a natural attractant to bees.

Agastache nepetoides Cultivars & Hybrids

Agastache nepetoides 'Hercules' (No Photo)

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